Hello, Amigurumi lovers!

1. Have you signed up to SendOwl? Don't forget here's the link for you to obtain your personalized link

·You can sign up to Sendowl in this link, it's free: http://ldp.to/hainchan-affiliate

·Once you have singed up, to obtain your personalized link, go to ''Programs'', click ''Hainchan'', then ''See affiliate links''. You'll see a long list, the one corresponding to the project is the one called ''Hainchan'' (or similar).

·The personalized link, which won't be available until a few days before the launch, is the one you have to share in your communication channels. This link will make your followers spend in the sales page that will be in Hainchan web. It works with cookies, so the sales source remains registered. Even if the purchase is not completed at first, once one of your followers comes back and eventually purchases it, the sale will remain registered as yours.

2. What can you see in the SendOwl platform? What useful information does it provide regarding promotion and sale?

·Sendowl registers every click produced by your link and also every conversion (whenever that visit turns into an actual purchase). This way, you'll be able to see whether your produce 20, 50 or 3 sales out of every 100 clicks. Along these lines, you'll have a guide to know if your followers are interested in the product to decide including new sale strategies depending on your observed results.

3. What else can you do with your link?

·You can share your link with people, followers, and close family members if you wish. This means you can share your link with a friend or with your mom so they can talk about your participation if you wish. Every person that clicks the link, even if it was shared through other channels not owned by you, will count as YOUR sales. This has to be done carefully, deciding what profiles are appropriate and if they can actually be helpful.

Affiliates get a sales percentage for their work promoting our project, but if you share your link with a friend, family member...etc, that person won't get the comission, you do.

Here's everything regarding SendOwl, reach us if you have any question.

Don't forget to register to obtain your link! :)

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