16 in 1 Digital Little Animals Crochet Pattern Bundle - Instant Download DIY Animal Plushie Pattern in PDF File | Cute Crochet Pattern Ideas

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Create your very own little animals with this set of digital crochet patterns!

It’s time to make your dreams of making little animal friends a reality. Instantly download this 16 in 1 Digital Little Animals Crochet Pattern Bundle to create your very own adorable plushie!

✷ Easy-to-Follow Instructions ✷
Who said making a crochet doll is hard? With our well-made and easy-to-follow patterns and instruction PDF, you’ll make one in no time! Our Instant Download DIY Animal Plushie Pattern is truly for you who want to have fun crocheting without worrying whether or not it's too hard for fellow beginners.

✷ 16 Adorable Crochet Patterns of Various Animals ✷
Once purchased, you will immediately receive several PDF files that are made up of cute 16 crochet patterns and instructions that are super easy to follow. The patterns are no doubt both clear and comprehensible for your convenience in creating these cuties!

✷ The Perfect Crafting Gift for Crochet Lovers ✷
This pattern is a great way to start your journey in crocheting dolls! We believe it's easy enough for you with a beginner level to crochet. Perfect to gift to your crochet-loving friends as well on occasions such as Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays, Christmas, or just because!
✷ Specifications ✷
[File Format: PDF]
[Finished product is about 16,5 CM tall (Ears included) [this pattern is made for those, who know the basics of crochet, knows what magic ring, invisible decrease, and increase are, and how to sew details together]
[Type of Wool to Use for This Pattern: Crochet Using Sport Weight Yarn and a 2.5 MM Hook]
✷ NOTE ✷
THIS ITEM IS A PATTERN ONLY! You will receive a PDF digital file with a simple crochet description and crochet steps photos.

✷ Permitted Use ✷
You are allowed to retail the finished product provided that they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and you give credit to me as the designer. If you want to sell in bulk, you must first email me. Furthermore, you are not allowed to alter this pattern in any way and sell it as your own! Please give the following lines with your item description and any item you are selling:

“This doll is handmade by (your name) from a design and pattern by @hainchan www.hainchan.com”

✷ What is Included? ✷
[1x 16 in 1 Digital Little Animals Crochet Pattern Bundle (1x 4 Cat Heads, 1x Tira The Little Cat, 1x Aki The Cat, 1x Fei Fei The Little Panda, 1x HELLO KITTY, 1x Little Bunny, 1x Little Deer, 1x Little Elephant, 1x Little Red Panda, 1x Little Tiger, 1x Pinky The Little Pig And Brownie The Little Bear, 1x Rey The Little Bunny, 1x Silver Tabby Cat, 1x Suika The Little Cat, 1x The Little Lion, & 1x Tico The Little Racoon)]

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